Broken Diamond Livestock

Heritage Pure Spanish Goats Montgomery, AL


Broken Diamond Livestock

Broken Diamond Livestock is located in Montgomery, Alabama. We are a generational livestock family, raising Heritage Pure Spanish Goats, cattle and AKC registered livestock dogs 

We work to conserve the Spanish goat by breeding pure Spanish goats to continue the heritage bloodlines started by the foundation ranches, including our own.  We have a DNA Registered goats.

Broken Diamond Livestock has several bloodlines of Spanish goats including Jericho, Kensing, Weinheimer, and Neely – Sawyer.  We also cross pure Spanish goat bloodlines to produce a goat with hybrid vigor, adaptability, and meat production. 

We work to co-graze our stock, having the goats browse in the pastures along with our cattle. Our minimal approach to handling give the animals time to adapt and thrive with little care.  We cull non-thrifty stock and will retain the best in parasite resistance, mothering ability, hoof quality, and growth.  

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